What is an epilator?

Epilator headWhat is an epilator? An epilator is an electrical device similar to a shaver. Though instead of simply slicing the hairs it uses many small tweezers to pull hairs from the root. Between 20 and 100 of these tweezers rotate on the head of the device and grab multiple hairs at a time.

Sounds terrifying, right?

For first time users, it can be. But once you’ve epilated more than once, you’ll see exactly why these are very very popular. For one, the pain you experience after the first time epilating only gets better. Many people report a significant drop in pain even on their second time as the hairs that grow back are super fine and hardly put up any resistance at all. Epilation actually results in faster hair removal and is both safer and cleaner than using hot wax.

Birth of the Epilator

The very first epilator was designed and produced in Israel in the 80’s. It worked by the use of a rotating coil spring, but due to the continuous flexing of the spring they tended to break fairly easily. This led to the design of the rotating disc epilator, which was subject to much litigation due to its similarity to the original. The case was lost which allowed for a flourishing of innovation in epilator technology, and the fantastic hair killers we have today!

Modern Epilators

Epilators are now streamlined for efficient and pain reduced grooming. They have hypoallergenic ceramic disks to reduce irritation, massagers to reduce pain and specialized devices for certain parts of your body. They can still be painful for those with sensitive skin, and for those who have never epilated before, so be prepared but know that it gets easier! Some prefer to get the area professionally waxed and then to use their epilator on the regrowth.

Why is the epilator so effective?

Like waxing, epilating pulls hair straight from the root. The hair follicles get damaged, which results in thinner, finer hairs growing back. The more you pull these hairs from the root, the less they grow back. It normally takes about 2 weeks for any signs of regrowth to appear, though some people claim being smooth for up to a month! What’s really fantastic is that as soon as you see any signs of hair, you can simply epilate again. Epilators can pick up hairs as small as a grain of sand, so no more waiting until your hair is a certain length before you can wax again.

Which Epilator is Best For You?

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