Best Home Waxing Kits for Hair Removal

For hundreds of years, women have subjected themselves to borderline torture in order to achieve perfect appearances – with waxing taking the top of the list. Who’d have thought it would be a good idea to rip tiny hairs out of their pores en masse? But if you want to get the best at home wax, a good kit is essential. Here is our review of the best home waxing kits available.

Waxing is such a delicate procedure that most women prefer having it done for them by a professional. However such care can be expensive, and at-home remedies can be much more palatable. Here, we look at 5 at-home waxes which most closely resemble having your hairs weaned from their roots at a waxing salon!

5 Best Home Waxing Kits

Nad’s Bikini and Underarm Strips

best at home waxThe Nads Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips sound like a euphemism for a sorority party… but they’re surprisingly effective. You cut the wax strips into the sizes that you wish to apply them, warm them up by rubbing them between your hands, slap it onto the cursed area of skin, and rip.

These strips come with “Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes” that attempt to soothe the redness post-wax.

The wax strips themselves don’t leave too much mess, so it’s just a quick shower after application. We used 2 strips and it totally removed all traces of hair to the applied area! The pain level is tolerable, and by the next day the redness had totally disappeared. Overall, when looking for a quick and easy experience, the Nads product is one of the most popular home waxing kits on the marketplace.

Gigi Brazilian Body Hair Wax

best at-home waxThe GiGi Brazilian Body Hair Wax comes in two variants: a microwave type and a warmer type. If you get the latter, you’ll have to invest in the separately sold wax warmer which keeps the wax at a constant temperature throughout the waxing process. This is definitely one of the top Brazilian home waxing kits available on the market today.

It’s highly recommended if you have the spare cash.

Using the GiGi wax is a slightly different experience from using strips. After application to the desired area, it condenses and forms a hardened film that clinks when you tap it with your fingernails.

Make sure to apply it in the direction of hair growth in order to lessen the pain when ripping it out.

This wax is highly efficient as it surrounds the hair from all sides and effectively creates a second base for the hair to grip on to. It hurts gloriously but the results are very desirable.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax

best at home waxThe Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax is a suitable solution for beginners.

Unlike most waxes, it’s made of a water-soluble sugar formula, so you can rinse it off if you get cold feet halfway through.

Application is simple – just stick it in the microwave for 15 seconds, then roll it on the skin, press a cloth strip on top of the mix, and pull.

It even comes with a roller which simulates the application of wax by a professional. The easy application and consistent results make this a contender for one of the best home waxing kits for beginners.

Completely Bare Ouchless Bikini & Body Wax Kit

best at-home wax kitThis hypo-allergenic wax kit works great on thicker or courser hair as the wax sets harder than usual, slightly like clay to the touch.

Unlike other waxes, this one has been reported to possess less of the pungent ammonia smell that most wax kits are known for. It goes into the microwave for a few minutes, and can even be used on finer hairs like the eyebrows or upper lip. When it comes to home waxing kits for sensitive skin, the Completely Bare product gets top marks.

The Completely Bare Ouchless Bikini & Body Wax Kit even comes with two surprises: a ‘Vajewel’, which is a fancy name for a heart-shaped stick-on tattoo for your lady regions, and a QR code which links to a handy instructional video.

It may not seem like much, but it certainly was a welcome treat after the intense operation!

Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit

best at home wax kitThe Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit is an all-in-one kit which includes a wax warmer. The wax used here has been noted by reviewers to be quite effective, even capable of removing thin hairs that other waxes can’t. You can even order refills for the warmer on Amazon or eBay. For ease of use and efficacy, the Sally Hansen product is recommended by this reviewer as one of the best home waxing kits for hair removal.

The instructions that come with the kit give some good tips, like applying talcum powder before a wax and Vitamin E creams to reduce redness or swelling.

This may not be part of the wax itself, but it gives me some added assurance that the people at Sally Hansen know what they’re doing.

Be sure to push the wax all the way into the warmer so that it heats up within the stipulated time.

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