Titanium vs Stainless Steel Derma Rollers

There are a number of characteristics of derma rollers that are debated among users, including the material that the needles are made from.

The reason we use different materials is that they bring different levels of sturdiness, resistance against decay, level of irritation to the skin and even sharpness.


The first thing we have to look for in a derma roller needle is that it won’t wear down and become blunt. This reduces the effectiveness of the roller and can cause quite a bit of pain. In this respect the titanium alloy is more effective. It is a stronger alloy and can even give a sharper edge.

Unfortunately the titanium isn’t as hygienic as stainless steel and so oftentimes these needles can be gold plated to increase sterility. Some can even be silver plated or copper plated.


I mentioned stainless steel before with regards to hygiene. Stainless steel is without a doubt the cleanest of the metals when it comes to derma rolling your skin.

There are distinctly low levels of toxicity in stainless steel which is why its the perfect metal to be putting under your skin. In addition to this stainless steel is remarkably strong. You won’t have to worry about a stainless steel needle becoming blunt for a long time.


While titanium is certainly the more sturdy of the two, when buying a derma roller I would strongly recommend choosing stainless steel.

What do all medical professions use? Stainless steel.

What do tattoo artists use? Stainless steel.

What do acupuncturists use? Stainless steel.

The only advantage titanium has over steel is that it’s stronger. When choosing a derma roller factors such as cleanliness and toxicity levels are far more important than sturdiness (and steel is still an incredibly strong metal!).

The best surgical stainless steel micro needle roller:

Angel Kiss Stainless Steel Derma Roller

titanium vs stainless steel derma rollerThis derma roller has 3 different sizes of surgical stainless steel needles. It is of very high quality and should last you a long time.

The Angel Kiss derma roller comes with a 0.5mm roller for your eyes, a 1.0mm roller for your face and a 1.5mm roller for the rest of your body.

Reviews are pretty strongly in the positive and the device can be used for a number of things including acne scarring, stretch marks, sagging skin, wrinkles etc.

Something important to not is that these derma rollers work much better when combined with Vitamin C Serums. The Vitamin C is important to nourish your skin and provide it with the nutrients needed to recover and rebuild new skin.

The best titanium derma roller:

Diougens Lee Titanium Derma Roller

titanium vs steel derma rollerThis derma roller is a sterilized titanium needled version, if you still felt you would like to try out a titanium roller.

Its a very reasonable price if you were wanting to try out a derma roller before going for something more expensive and works great with the Vitamin C Serum to reduce wrinkles, scars etc.

This roller has 0.25mm needles, which also makes things easier on the beginner. Some people prefer the larger needles but to be honest they’re much more intimidating and painful even if potentially more effective.

It is still a fact that the surgical stainless steel is a better choice for micro needle rollers but it doesn’t mean that titanium is bad. The reviews for this device are overwhelmingly positive and many people seem to get great results.

Remember to check out our post on How To Choose A Derma Roller for the 5 best derma rollers you can buy and a thorough look into what makes a derma roller right for your skin.

And if you’re looking for alternatives to derma rollers, definitely check out at home microdermabrasion. The treatment has been shown to have many of the same benefits, including reducing both acne and wrinkles.

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