Should I Get An Epilator?

The short answer: yes.

The long answer: also yes.

But seriously, I think if you’re asking this question then you probably have a couple of things in mind: you want to see better results than you’re currently getting and you are willing to try new things.

That’s great!

Because epilators are shockingly underused and you’d be surprised just how effective they are.

Epilators work using tweezers or discs that rotate on the head of a device. These tweezers will grasp hairs and will pull them out from the root. What happens is that the root gets damaged, and over time it becomes weaker and weaker.

This means that hair starts to grow back less frequently, and when it does it’s thinner and lighter than before.

So if you keep up a routine of epilating for a while, you’ll find yourself having to epilate less and less.

If you want to learn more about epilators check out our Definitive Guide To Epilators.

If you haven’t decided yet, here’s a look at the best epilators you can buy in 2017 so far:

Top 5 Epilators of 2017

Braun Silk Epil 7

should i get an epilatorThe Braun Silk Epil 7 is (along with the ES-ED90, which we look at below) one of the most powerful all-rounder epilators you can buy.

Is power something you want in an epilator?

Well, that all depends on your goals. This epilator is perfect if you want to epilate your legs, your underarms and even your face.

It has a big head meaning it can cover a larger surface area and its 40 tweezers make sure the hairs get picked up on the first pass.

This epilator has a bunch of caps that can be attached to the head, making it better for sensitive areas etc.

One of the best things about this epilator is that it is ‘Wet & Dry’. This means you can safely epilate in or out of the shower. A lot of people complain about the pain of epilation but when you’re epilating in the water it significantly helps with the pain. The warm water soothes the skin and makes it much more tolerable.

And if you’re unsure about the pain still, check out our 9 Ways To Reduce Epilation Pain article.

See The Best Prices For The Braun Silk Epil 7!

Philips Satinelle

should I get an epilatorThe top dog when it comes to corded epilation, and a significantly lower price tag than the Braun.

If you’re looking for that middle ground between pure efficiency, quality and price then this could be a good bet for you.

It’s held its place as the most popular epilator on Amazon, (though recently taken over by the Braun Silk Epil 7!) so it’s definitely worth mentioning.

The difference here is that its corded and definitely cannot be taken into the shower with you!

It has less tweezers so the efficiency won’t match the Braun or the Panasonic, but it’s very popular and gets the job done professionally.

See The Best Prices For The Philips Satinelle!

Panasonic ES-ED90

should i get an epilatorThis is the other powerhouse. It can do everything and anything and is consistently my favorite epilator on the market.

The ES-ED90 is Panasonic taking all the best parts of other epilators and instead of releasing different models to appease different people, they put everything into this excellent machine.

It can epilate your whole body (though for a Brazilian read this first) with astounding efficiency, and also includes a number of specialty caps.

An extra feature of this epilator is the foot buffer cap. Strange right? That’s what I thought at first too, but I actually use it all the time now and the head doesn’t wear down as fast as I feared it would.

Like I said, everything and anything 🙂

See The Best Prices For The Panasonic ES-ED90!

Emjoi eRase

should i get an epilatorThis model is much newer to the market, but it really brings some fantastic things to the table.

It has a whopping 60 tweezer heads, meaning it nearly takes the place as the epilator with the most tweezers (72 by the way – the iVog X-Tweez).

It comes in a number of colors and is nice and compact, meaning its great for travelling.

I have to say i’m not sure if its marketing, but this epilator is advertised to be able to pull hairs as small as 0.3mm. Thats tiny!

Most epilators boast the ability to get the 0.5mm hairs, so instead of waiting for your hair to grow to a certain length and then going for a wax, you can epilate whenever you see a hair poking through!

To me this is a huge advantage of epilators.

See The Best Prices For The Emjoi eRase!

Philips Satin Perfect

should i get an epilatorConsider this epilator the upgraded and more powerful version of the Philips Satinelle.

It also comes as a shaver, so you can trim your hairs down before epilating them.

If hygiene and infection and ingrown hairs are a concern of yours, then this epilator is a dream.

It has hypoallergenic ceramic discs that are designed to be as clean as possible. The head is also extremely easy to wash.

If you were looking for an epilator that is rechargeable then i’d personally pick this model up instead of the Satinelle.

See The Best Prices For The Philips Satin Perfect!

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