Panasonic es2113pc facial hair trimmer review

Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer Review

The Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer is a tool designed to handle any hair-related issues in the facial area.

This means: eyebrow shaping and trimming, upper lip hair removal, and generally keeping peach fuzz at bay.

At the size of a fountain pen, its far more discreet than a lot of trimmers and won’t have you trying to take care of facial hair with bulky leg shavers or razors.

The micro blades do a wonderful job and due to their design it is extremely difficult to cut yourself.

Before we jump into the details lets take a quick look at some pros and cons:

The Good
+ Affordable
+ Lightweight, easy to use design
+ Trims fine and coarse hairs
+ Great for travelling
+ Works over makeup
+ Battery powered
+ Trusted brand
+ 2 year warranty
The Bad
– Not easy to get replacement blades
– Battery not included

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Panasonic es2113pc facial hair trimmer reviewThe Panasonic ES2113PC is sleek.

Its slim compact design (coming in at 1 x 1 x 7in) makes it perfect for hiding in plain sight. If you ever have any shame about shaving your face as a woman (there shouldn’t be as peach fuzz is totally natural!), then Panasonic made some excellent design choices with their product.

It looks almost like a pink fountain pen. If you didn’t know what it was and saw it, the last thing you’d think is that its a facial hair trimmer.

Micro Blades

The trimmer is equipped with round tipped, super-thin blades that efficiently remove small hairs as you run the device across your face.

The blades are hypoallergenic meaning there’s less chance of any kind of reaction on sensitive skin. If you do have particularly sensitive skin rest assured that these blades shouldn’t cause any redness.

What this also means is that post-trim moisturiser isn’t needed, but of course sometimes it can’t hurt.

Pivoting Head

One really helpful feature the Panasonic ES2113PC has is its pivoting head.

When dealing with electric shavers or epilators its important to keep the correct angle as you move around the contours of your body in order to get the most effective hair removal results.

The pivoting head means that you don’t have to worry too much about angles, as it is flexible within 10 degrees to either side. As long as you keep it close to 90 degrees to your skin the pivoting head will adjust for you to make sure you are constantly getting the optimal shave.

This greatly improves the experience in our opinion.

Changing Blades

One problem with these trimmers is replacement blades. After some time the blades will start to get dull and will be less effective.

Replacement blades aren’t too easy to get, and are hardly advertised as being available at all.

We hunted down the best places to get them and came up with 2 reliable options:

  1. Amazon – WES2113P3708 Replacement Trimmer
  2. Encompass Parts – Replacement Trimmer

Now most of you will go directly to Amazon, as its just easier most of the time. Unfortunately the only blades we could find on Amazon are almost as expensive as the original product!

This seems a bit unfair on the part of Panasonic, but on the other hand the actual device is very affordable so it could be easier to just get a new one (depending of course on how long you’ve used it for already).

Usage & Impressions

Panasonic es2113pc facial hair trimmer reviewMakeup

One thing that annoys us about peach fuzz is that it messes up makeup application. When you have a small layer of hair on your skin makeup tends to get caught up in these hairs and can cause the makeup to look a bit ‘cakey’ or powdery.

Using the Panasonic Facial Trimmer was a game changer in this respect. Applying makeup the day after using it was a whole different experience, everything was far smoother.

Another positive about the device is that it can still work when you already have makeup on. The fact that you are wearing makeup doesn’t stop it from doing its job.

This was a huge relief to us if we forgot to use it before putting makeup on and would save us from washing our faces and reapplying everything.

Accessories + eyebrows

The product comes with 2 snap-on eyebrow grooming attachments, one 2-4mm and the other 6-8mm.

These are included so that you can trim your eyebrows to a certain length or shape them however you want.

We always hate using scissors around the eyes to shape our eyebrows so this was a nice change, and is actually much easier to handle.


The ES2113PC is powered by one AA battery. This makes it extremely portable and as long as you have spare batteries you never have to worry about keeping it charged up.

One of our main gripes with epilators and shavers these days is that they’re rechargeable and after a long period of charging only tend to last up to an hour.

This can be mitigated by the use of corded products or those that work when plugged in, but the Panasonic Facial Trimmer works really well with the replaceable AA battery and lasts a very long time.

Changing Blades

If it comes down to it and you need to buy a replacement blade they’re fairly easy to switch out.

  1. There’s a little tab on the base of the head of the trimmer. Pull that down.
  2. Open the head up and take out the entire thing.
  3. Line the new blade up with the white part on the device (it needs to fit into the pegs).
  4. Finally slide the tab back up to lock it in place and close everything.

Its straightforward when the device is in front of you and what’s nice is that you never have to touch the naked blade.

Doesn’t hair grow back thicker?

One question we hear a lot is: but if I’m shaving my face, then doesn’t the hair grow back thicker? That’s the last thing I want!

Thankfully that is just an urban myth.

Shaving can’t make your hair grow back thicker and trimming peach fuzz will be just the same.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Trimmer has been a wonderful tool in our hair removal arsenal and somewhat of a secret weapon.

Every few days before putting makeup on giving our face a quick trim with this leaves us smooth and feeling great.

Its quick and easy to use and the results are exactly what we want. At such a low price it would be a worthy addition to any beauty routine.

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