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The Panasonic ES-ED 90

The Panasonic ES-ED90 is a top of the line epilator that is deserving of its price. Out of all the epilators we’ve reviewed, this model really has proved itself to be one of the very best. Instead of making different epilators for different uses, Panasonic has built all their technology into one tool. We can’t recommend this highly enough.

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A Closer Look

Buying an epilator that has this many attachments can be a daunting task. It almost feels like you have to do a ton of research before you can even use the thing! Despite seeming superfluous, the 6 attachments that come with the Panasonic epilator are actually all quite useful. Included we have:

  • Epilation Head – This head is made for larger surface areas such as your arms and legs. The attachment allows 48 tweezers to be exposed so that it takes less time to finish these areas. The more tweezers means the more hairs pulled.
  • Gentle Epilation Cap – Reduced tweezer exposure and reduced pain. This cap is great for beginners especially if you have the lower speed setting on.04_6Attachments_01
  • Precise Epilation Cap – This cap is what you want to use on the more delicate areas of your body. It involves a far smaller epilation area with added protection. This lets you epilate in harder to reach areas without the full force of the 48 tweezers.04_6Attachments_03
  • Shaver Head – We find this is useful if you want to simply touch up an area, trim hairs down to the same length before epilating or giving yourself a quick once over before a night out.
  • Pedicure Buffer – This attachment was a very pleasant surprise. At first we04_6Attachments_02 thought it would be a useless cap that would probably break after a couple of uses. How wrong we were. It has potentially become our favourite attachment. Perfect for the heels and toes, the pedicure buffer removes all dry, calloused skin you may have better than a pumice stone. Afraid it might need to be replaced frequently? Some say its lasted them more than 7 months of good use.
  • Bikini Comb – Useful if you either want to trim your bikini line or your legs to a certain length before epilation. Remember to keep the comb pressed against the skin at all times!

What do we love about it?

The problem with a lot of epilators is that they don’t have pivoting heads. This makes for far more difficult epilation. Without a pivoting head you always have to maintain a certain angle,03_PivotingHead otherwise you’ll just be missing hairs. You’ll be going over certain spots again and again until all the hairs are picked up, it’s a huge waste of time.

The Panasonic epilator thankfully has 60 degrees of pivoting head. No matter how awkward the angle, it will always be effective. When most cordless epilators these days have around 30 minutes to an hour of power, effectiveness becomes increasingly important. Not to mention it’s great for those pesky knees and ankles.

Can I use it in the shower?

The ED90 is cordless and can be used wet or dry. This makes it perfect for epilation in the bath/shower. If you are a beginner to epilation it may be best to start off this way. The warm water soothes your skin and softens your hairs, making the pain far more bearable. The problem is that it isn’t as effective as dry epilation. The fact that it is waterproof also adds the benefit of easy washability. It relieves you of the hassle of spending time cleaning up hairs after use.

Tip: For pain free epilation, see our expert tips for reducing epilation pain.

Once your epilator runs out of battery it will need to be recharged before reuse. Unfortunately, it does not work when plugged in.

If you epilate regularly you’ll find that your hairs grow back thinner. This is why the LED light is so helpful. If there are any hard to see hairs, this light will illuminate them for you to make sure you can get them all.

Depending on your comfort level and how much pain you feel from epilating, you may benefit from the 2 speed setting. You can choose from either high or low for more gentle epilation, or efficiency. The ED90 removes hairs speedily either way, and provides hair removal as short as 0.5mm.

Battery Life

Another advantage of this epilator is its battery life. Most people complain about short battery lives, long charge times or deteriorating battery. With the ED90 we haven’t experiences such problems and judging by most user reviews other people don’t either. This is a huge benefit in the epilator world.

How long does it take to charge?

This model is said to charge in 1 hour and then has 40 minutes of run-time. This is effected by whether you use it under water or not but when epilating dry, battery has never been a problem for us.

One of the downsides of this epilator is that it’s not for facial use. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t say anywhere that it can’t be used on the face but nor does it say that it can. Some people do use it on their face with no problems, so be cautious. If you want a more comfortable bet, check out our epilator review of the Braun Face 810.

Additional Thoughts & Features

The ED90 felt like a solidly built piece of technology, and it certainly felt faster than most other epilators we’ve reviewed. This is in line with what others have said, that it gives a much smoother feeling than what they’ve had before and the quality is worth the money.

An interesting method Panasonic recommends that gives a more efficient and gentler result when in the bath or shower is to apply a small amount of body soap to the wet discs of the epilator. This creates a stream of foam as they rotate and makes the hairs stand up for better epilation. It even makes sure your skin is protected against post-epilation dryness.




If you’re looking for the best quality and effectiveness, this is the choice for you. The Panasonic ES-ED90 is unmatched in features and the ability to give you smooth skin with limited discomfort. We recommend this epilator for both beginners and pros as it comes with many different heads, which are easy to switch as you get used to them. It’s definitely something that will last you for a long time.

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