ivog x-tweez

The iVog X-Tweez

The iVog X-Tweez was a great surprise, and we found it to be a fantastic mid-range epilator. It’s equally effective for women and men and looks the part with a unisex design. If you don’t want to shell out for the big brand names but want efficiency for your money then this is a solid bet.

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A Closer Look

The X-Tweez boasts a whopping 72 tweezers, which is a considerable upgrade from its competitors like the much-praised Braun Silk-epil 7681, which has only 40 tweezers. This technology allows for faster and more thorough hair pulling than nearly all the epilators on the market. You should really only need to go over a section once or twice for it to be completely hairless and smooth.

Where Can I Use It?

This epilator is adapted to work anywhere on your body (except eyebrows). The included tweezing head makes epilating places like your knees, underarms, face, and bikini line easy and stress-free.


How to make the most of the 2-speed setting:

As is seen with many of the higher quality epilators, the X-Tweez has a 2-speed setting. This is especially helpful when epilating more sensitive areas.

We recommend you use the higher setting if you want to harness the full power of the device and remove hairs efficiently and quickly.

The low setting is better for areas such as your bikini line and your underarms as they tend to be more sensitive to epilation. With the 72 tweezers both speeds are surprisingly effective and we had very few issues with stray hairs.

Battery Life

We certainly appreciate the fact that the X-Tweez comes fully charged out of the box, so you can start pretty much as soon as you want. If this weren’t the case then you’d have a fairly hefty 6-hour wait ahead of you.

One of the main downsides of this epilator is that it takes just that long to fully recharge. Though when you’re epilating once every week or two and charge it straight after use, this isn’t such a big deal.

Its rechargeable feature is certainly a plus, as you won’t have to sit next to a plug socket while epilating and it’s very handy for traveling. Though if battery is running low and you’re not quite done yet, it also works plugged in.

Please note that unlike other epilators, it is dry only. This means that it won’t work in the shower or bath.

Extras & Additional Features

The X-Tweez is a dual epilator, meaning it also doubles as a shaver. The shaver attachment was super easy to pop on and off and made things simple if we just wanted to clean up or trim an area.

Tip: Trim the area you want to epilate a day or two before epilating. When the hairs are all of equal length they’re much easier to pull! Make sure to read our Guide To Perfect Epilation to get the best out of your epilator.

Also included is a handy exfoliation pad, which really made the difference when used before epilation. Exfoliation is so useful for making sure your hair is ready to leave without an argument and to avoid ingrown hairs.

The iVog X-Tweez is also very easy to clean. The cleaning brush that comes with your product works perfectly. We recommend that you wash your epilator thoroughly and dip it in some cleaning alcohol to avoid possible skin irritation.


A big surprise from a lesser-known brand, if you’re not looking to break the bank but still want a great epilator then the X-Tweez is a reliable choice.

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