How To Reduce Facial Hair Growth In Females

There are 3 types of hair that grow on the human body. When it comes to female facial hair we’re going to look at 2 of these: vellus and terminal.

What the heck are vellus and terminal hairs you ask?

Vellus hairs are the soft, thin and light hairs that grow on womens arms, back, neck etc. Terminal hairs are the thicker, darker hairs that grow after puberty in certain parts of the body.

Some women have a condition called hirsutism: the growth of terminal hairs where they do not normally occur.

Additionally as we get older, we might start finding hairs where there weren’t any before.

So how do we reduce facial hair growth in females?

IPL & Laser Hair Removal

IPL & Laser Hair Removal is the only hair removal method that is scientifically proven to permanently reduce hair growth.

Having said this, we advise you to be very cautious! Please wear protective glasses when using these devices on your face.

IPL and laser hair removal use intense light to target the pigment melanin in your hair. Melanin is the stuff that makes your hair dark, but its also present in darker skin. For this reason people with darker skin may suffer some skin damage if they use IPL.

Once the melanin has absorbed the light, it heats up and kills the hair. If this is done enough times (normally a few sessions) it results in permanent stunting of hair growth.

There are a number of home laser hair removal and IPL devices that we recommend. For the higher quality device, i’d recommend the Tria Laser. For the cheaper one that still does the job fantastically, the Silk N Go.

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how to reduce facial hair growth in femaleshow to reduce facial hair growth in females


While epilators aren’t scientifically proven to permanently reduce hair growth, they are certainly very good at doing it temporarily.

What I mean is: if you epilate over a long period of time, the hair follicles will become weaker and weaker resulting in thinner, lighter hair growing back. It also results in how to reduce facial hair growth in femalesless frequent growth.

So if you continue epilating, you’ll enjoy the benefits of stunted growth no matter where the hair is.

Now when we’re talking about facial epilation, there’s really only one device I can recommend. The Braun Face 810.

This is the only real epilator that is specifically designed for facial epilation, and there’s no better facial epilator on the market. It even doubles as an exfoliator, which helps to reduce ingrown hairs and keep your skin healthy. It extremely easy to use and as soon as you see a hair appear you can quickly pull it out with this epilator.

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Waxing uses the same basic principles that epilators do. They pull the hair from the root, and at the same time damage the follicle.

This results in stunted growth over time.

What’s good about waxing for facial hair is that the hair is pulled from the root. With shaving you will have to shave more frequently and can even run the risk of getting dark patches on your face. The hair is only cut at the surface of the skin so when it’s sitting there just below the skin, it looks like 5 o’clock shadow!

The downside to waxing is that you have to let the hair reach a certain length before you can wax. Depending on how noticeable your facial hairs are, it could be better sticking to a different method.

If I had to recommend any type of wax for facial epilation it would have to be the Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit. Its constantly the top rated waxing kit on Amazon and has everything you need to get started.

how to reduce facial hair growth in females

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