How to get rid of mustache hair

If there’s one place I hate hate hate getting unwanted hair, it’s the upper lip.

Nobody wants to have a mustache as a lady.

When you have darker, coarser hairs in places like your chin or lip then the condition is called hirtuism.

There are many reasons why you may be getting unwanted hairs, the most likely culprits being hormones or medication. A less common cause is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Your doctor may prescribe you with something if he can identify the cause, otherwise there are a number of extremely effective cosmetic methods out there that will leave you as hair-free as you’ve ever been.

How To Get Rid Of Mustache Hair: The 5 Best Ways


how to get rid of mustache hairIt can be a little daunting to use an epilator on your face, especially when a lot of epilators are quite large and don’t exactly look friendly.

Due to the nature of epilating its actually perfect for removing these darker, coarser hairs, even from your lip. Epilators pluck the hairs directly from the root and cause the hair that grows back to be weaker and thinner than before. This means that over time the hair gets less and less noticeable, and will stop growing as frequently.

Despite this, epilators are still mostly not suited for facial use. But there are exceptions.

The two we’d recommend are the Emjoi Epi Slim and the Braun Face 810. We’ll talk about the Braun because its honestly designed for facial use (the Epi Slim is more for sensitive areas including the face) and we love it.

The 810 has a small head and a limited about of tweezers, meaning you can get to those hard to reach places on your face and it actually fits perfectly on your lip area. Because of the fewer tweezers the pain is less, but it’s still extremely effective.

This has to be my first choice when it comes to banishing mustache hair.


how to get rid of mustache hairAnother extremely effective method of hair removal for this kind of thing is waxing.

The reason being it also pulls hairs from the root and discourages regrowth. When using wax on the face be aware that afterwards you’ll probably have some red and irritated skin for a couple of hours. So make sure you aren’t waxing just before you go out!

Its really easy to get rid of a mustache with wax as its easily spreadable and you can easily put it exactly where you need it.

As for what to wax with, the GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit really is my favorite option. Its great for the whole body and also the face. Its also perfect for starters as it contains the wax warmer, wax, some applicators, some smaller applicators (for the face), some cooling gel and even an instructional DVD.

Laser Hair Removal

how to get rid of mustache hairLaser hair removal is by far the most effective of the hair removal methods on the market. Not only does it stunt growth of hairs but it actually kills the hair so that after a number of sessions you’ll be able to enjoy permanent growth reduction.

Unless you plan on growing a mustache in the future, this is definitely a fantastic option.

What happens with laser hair removal is that the melanin in your hair follicles attracts the light from the laser. The laser then heats up this melanin, causing the hair to be destroyed.

Its a bit of a pricey option compare to the other choices, but in actual fact its a long term investment. Instead of spending more money on wax or hair removal cream you simply buy a device, do the treatment and then if the hair ever grows back you can just use the laser again. Our laser of choice is the Tria 4X laser hair removal device.


Tweezing is the cheap option.

It’s as effective as a lot of the other methods but is just slow. You’ll be plucking one hair at a time instead of multiple hairs.

This option is perfectly fine if you only have one or two hairs that are bothering you.

Hair Removal Cream

how to get rid of mustache hairHair removal cream is becoming a more and more popular option for getting rid of a mustache.

It works by breaking down keratin bonds in the hair, essentially making them dissolve. Then once you wipe the cream off, the dissolved hair comes with it leaving you nice and smooth.

Its perfectly fine to use on your face but please make sure you read the instructions just in case.

The only thing I don’t like about hair removal cream is the strange smell. This becomes especially pleasant when its directly under your nose!

What About Shaving?

Shaving creates a few problems when we’re talking about upper lip hair.

Firstly, it only cuts the hair at skin level. This leaves the skin to sit just below the skin and can often lead to dark patches.

Secondly, razor burn is a real issue. You don’t want to end up with razor burn and you definitely don’t want to risk cutting yourself. Plus it never feels good to be shaving your face as a woman.

Lastly, you’ll have to shave far more often than with these other methods. They all remove hair from the root and so give you way more time to enjoy hairlessness. When you shave it’ll only be a couple of days before hair starts to surface again.

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