Is home electrolysis worth it?

Electrolysis can get costly when you are using a professional’s services. Though it must be said that professional results are very often exactly what you wanted, with less risks involved.

Do it yourself electrolysis, however, is also very doable and it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

What is home electrolysis?

The basis of do-it-yourself electrolysis is that it destroys the growth center of each individual hair with heat, and then the hair is removed with tweezers. For a better understanding of the process, check out this article on high-tech hair removal methods.

Electrolysis can be done anywhere on the body (though we advise sticking to a professional for facial hair electrolysis) and is widely considered to be the best permanent hair removal method around. There are no permanent side effects to electrolysis- just some temporary redness, which you’ll get with all hair removal methods.

Electrolysis at a salon can require 10 or more sessions, depending on how thick your hair is. Most electrologists charge between $45 and $100 for the hour and depending on what you want removed, which is where things start to get costly.

And this is why more and more people are opting for do-it-yourself electrolysis.

The right tools are especially important here. Home electrolysis can be difficult to master so please make sure you’ve read enough about your device before getting started, and be careful!

The home electrolysis device uses a tiny needle that goes through the skin to the hair follicle and shoots a small electric jolt at the base of the hair. Each hair follicle takes up to 20 seconds to kill, so you may find the process a little tedious.

If the idea of at-home electrolysis seems daunting to you, look into a home laser hair removal device instead. While these devices may require a bit longer to achieve permanent results, they are safe and simple to use.

Best Home Electrolysis Devices

The only hair removal method that has been classified as permanent by the FDA is electrolysis. It’s a powerful hair removal method. For this reason we ask that you learn about how to use your device properly, before trying it out.

Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System

verseo epen electrolysis system

The Verseo ePen is a needle-free electrolysis pen that removes unwanted hair permanently. Sounds pretty good to me!

The sleek hair removal wand works on the face, underarm, bikini line, or anywhere else you have unwanted hair. The ePen uses small pulses of electrical energy to destroy the hair follicle, so you can just tweeze or wipe hairs away.

To use the Verseo electrolysis pen, you apply conductive pads and gel to the area, and then put a cotton bud on the end of the ePen. Touch the Verseo ePen to the hair removal area and press the button. A buzzer goes off after 20 seconds, to let you know that the treatment is finished.

woman using the verseo epen electrolysis device on underarms

The Verseo ePen will likely require a few uses to get permanent results. The kit comes with the ePen wand, two bottles of conductive gel, three reusable conductive pads, a pad lead, cotton buds, and tweezers. Plus, it’s packed in a handy folding pouch for storage.

Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis System

The ePen’s big sister is the Verseo eGlide electrolysis system. This one uses an electrolysis glider to cover larger areas more quickly. You simply roll the glider over your skin to deliver the electrical impulses. Then you follow up by removing the actual hairs with tweezers.

There’s a convenient facial hair mode which lasts for just 20 seconds, and a body hair mode that consists of two five-minute cycles.

The Verseo eGlide kit includes batteries, tweezers, conductive gel, and a storage case.

Clean & Easy Home Electrolysis Kit

clean and easy home electrolysis kit

This is one of the most popular do-it-yourself electrolysis devices available. This probably has a lot to do with it’s price point – it’s the most affordable device I know of.

Despite the time it takes to learn how to do home electrolysis properly, many people have gotten really great results with this. It’s important to note that this device is designed specifically for small and thin hairs. It will not remove coarse leg or bikini hair.

But the Clean & Easy Home Electrolysis Kit is a good choice if you want a small device for facial electrolysis – like shaping eyebrows or removing upper lip hair.

So should I do home electrolysis?

It really depends. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is truly permanent. However, it’s quite labor intensive and tedious since each and every hair needs to be treated.

Personally, I think electrolysis is a great solution if you have a small problem area that you want to remove hair from once and for all. If you want to shape your eyebrows, or get rid of upper lip hair, for example.

But if you want to treat your full body, I would opt for something like an epilator or a home laser hair removal device. These will be much easier to use on large areas, and still offer long-lasting results.

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