Codream 4 in 1 Epilator Review

The Codream 4 in 1 Epilator/Shaver/Pumice Stone/Hair Clipper combo has been making its way steadily up the Amazon Best Sellers list recently so we thought it deserved a more in depth look.

The brand itself is very unknown and so really doesn’t have much of a following. In all honesty it seems like a small brand of a collection of cheaply made products.

But that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t give it a fair review!

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

The Good
+ Very affordable
+ Can be used plugged in and cordless
+ 4 uses with 1 product
+ 2 speed setting
+ Unisex
+ Easy to buy replacement heads
+ 90 day money back guarantee
+ Surprisingly good callus remover
The Bad
– Dry only: can’t be used in the shower
– Low quality
– No instructions included
– Unknown brand

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codream 4 in 1 review4 in 1

Probably the main draw of this product is the unbelievable value you get. 4 different heads for the base tool for such a low price is really one of the main reasons to consider the Codream 4 in 1.

You get:

  • An epilator
  • A callus remover pumice stone
  • A shaver head
  • A “haircut” head

I’m not too sure how useful the “haircut” head will be (it seems a bit out of place), but hey its nice to have just in case.

As is to be expected by the overall price, the quality of the heads and their performance in comparison to say a Braun device is somewhat lacking, but they do get the job done.

The big surprise here was the callus remover. Honestly it’s quite powerful and is very effective. If you were looking for a decent callus remover and stumbled upon this, it would be worth the price alone just for that.

Extended Use

codream 4 in 1 reviewHere’s something the Codream has over the more expensive Braun Silk Epils: it can be used plugged in.

It may seem trivial but because of the fact that the Silk Epil 9 and 7 are Wet & Dry, they can’t actually be used while they are charging.

The huge advantage of this with the Codream is that you don’t have to rely on the battery. Normally you’d be forced to charge up the epilator fully and then use it for up to an hour. You can still do this with the Codream but you can also just use it plugged in.

So even after having the product for a number of months when the battery starts to weaken (as it does with all devices), you can still rely on it fully.

Is it safe?

Due to the fact that this is an unknown brand it also carries with it little reputation.

Rest assured because this product is certified by CE International, which is the equivalent to an FCC approval. This means that the product is considered safe by the appropriate authorities.

Tips for Use

There’s no instruction booklet with the Codream 4 in 1, but luckily the company representatives are very active online and the customer service seems to be pretty good. They are also very good with offering refunds or returns.

I’ve gathered the numerous tips they have mentioned here so that if you decide to purchase this epilator you can have all the recommendations in one place (though some of these are simply epilator tips, similar to what you’d find in our Guide to Perfect Epilation):

  • This epilator functions best post-shower after your skin is dry. The hairs are softer and your pores are wider.
  • Any hair that is longer than 5mm should be trimmed before depilating with the trimming cap.
  • Try to pull the skin taut to allow for the hairs to protrude more.
  • Hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle to your skin for maximum effectiveness.
  • Move the epilator in the opposite direction that the hair is growing.


While the Codream 4 in 1 epilator isn’t a top of the line machine, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Its insanely good value for the price, Codream has great customer service and a 90 day warranty if anything goes wrong and you can get replacement heads for dirt cheap if anything breaks.

If you’re on the fence about starting epilation or even if you just want a decent pumice stone for your feet, this is a great choice and I look forward to future Codream products as they refine their machines.

See the best price for the Codream 4 in 1 Epilator here

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