braun silk epil 7 review

Braun Silk Epil 7 Review

The Braun Silk Epil 7 comes highly recommended by A Smooth Life. This little machine is fantastic for the whole body. With its 40-tweezer technology, shaver and trimmer caps, and sensitive area cap it can take care of unwanted hair anywhere (and is perfect for beginners).

If you’re looking for a device that’s reliable, multi-talented, and lauded by the beauty community then look no further. Or keep on reading to find out why we love it, and how to get the most out of your epilator.

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What’s so good about it?

The Braun Silk Epil 7 is widely considered the top epilator on the market by sales volume and user experience (this is, of course, until Braun released the newer Silk Epil 9). It’s very convenient for use in the shower or bath, with the warm water making the experience much gentler on your skin (less painful!).

40-tweezer technology is the only way to epilate these days; the Epil 7 is the king of efficiency and can grab even the tiniest hairs (up to 0.5mm). The pivoting head makes getting those hard to pull hairs on curvier parts like the knees very manageable and the smart light is fantastic for finding those finer stragglers.

Any downsides?

This is one of the pricer epilators on the market but the price is relative to the quality. It isn’t the best selling for nothing! Some people have trouble with the short battery life. The Epil 7 is designed to take an hour to charge fully and then to run for 40 minutes. Read on to see our tips for preserving its life as long as possible.

A Closer Look

The Braun Silk Epil 7 is feature-filled and is capable of taking care of any part of your body. Included with this epilator are a variety of useful caps:

  • Shaver Head – using the shaver head allows you use your epilator as a full fledged dry shaver, meaning you won’t have to use more than one device.
  • Trimmer Cap – the trimmer cap is great for trimming more sensitive areas in preparation for epilation. It’s also useful for keeping your bikini line and underarms neat.
  • Efficiency Cap – this cap is meant for the pros or those who need quick smoothness. It was actually the cap we preferred the most, as it was just as advertised: efficient. With this cap there was no hair left behind and most of the time there was no need to go over a spot more than once.
  • Sensitive Area Cap – the sensitive area cap is perfect for your bikini line and your underarms. We really felt like this cap helped to inflict less pain.
  • Facial Cap – for that unwanted facial hair!

braun silk epil 7 reviewWhat sets this epilator apart and perhaps even makes it the best epilator is its pivoting head.

Why is this helpful?

Epilators work best on flat surfaces, which is why it normally helps to pull the skin taut so that every little hair can be pulled. While we still recommend you keep the skin tight, the 7681 has a flexible head that pivots 15 degrees forward and back. This ensures that you can keep the epilator in the best position at all times and it can easily conform to your body’s contours, making things far more comfortable and thorough!

A lot of epilators are hard to use and control because they work best in a certain position, one that is constantly upheld with the pivoting head. This means that the 7681 is very adept at picking up hairs that other epilators would miss.

SoftLip Tips to guide your hairs

Another feature that is standard with Braun products is their SoftLip Tips. These are tiny little tips that lift up hairs and guide them towards the tweezers. We really felt like the inclusion of this feature made all the difference. Epilating certainly isn’t the most fun of activities so it’s much appreciated when things are done quickly and effectively!

See exactly where you’re going

Unique to the Braun Silk-epil series is the Smart Light. Think you got every one of those fine hairs? The smart light will tell you for sure.

This feature was especially useful to us when hairs started to grow back. They may not be obvious, but if they’re there the smart light will find them. We recommend going against the grain in our Guide To Perfect Epilation and by using both the tiny comb on the cap and the smart light, you can ensure you’re going in the right direction at all times.

Is cordless the way to go?

In our humble opinion, yes.

The benefits of having a cordless epilator vastly outweigh the cord. We love that epilators these days are both wet and dry because it means we can get the benefits of both situations.

Epilating with dry hair and skin is undeniably more effective, as the hairs aren’t weighed down by water nor do they stick to your skin. You will definitely be epilating for less time when you’re working with a dry leg, but the ability to epilate in the shower is one we just can’t live without. Not only does the warm water soothe the skin and reduce the pain, but also it’s cleaner (who wants to have to deal with hairs flying all over the place?) and extremely convenient.

Additionally, when you travel a lot the cordless option is by far the best.

The fact that this epilator is waterproof makes cleaning it super easy. It is recommended to take the caps off for quick drying and can be dipped in alcohol for ultimate cleanliness.

Battery Life Tips

The two main downsides to the Braun Silk Epil 7 are price and battery. One of the main reasons we switched to epilating over waxing or shaving is actually price. You’d be surprised how a quality one-time purchase will save you money over having to constantly restock on razors, creams and wax strips.

The battery is said to take one hour to charge and then will run for 40 minutes. This can be a problem for those who are new to epilating. You may run out of charge on your first time (especially if epilating under water) but as you become more proficient and you adjust to the feeling of epilation you’ll have no problem being done in 20 minutes.

Some people have said that their 7681s take more than an hour to charge, so make sure you’re prepared! After talking to Braun, their representative said that they battery is designed to last for 7 years. Our tips for preserving battery life as long as possible are:

  1. Charge the battery fully before first-time use.
  2. Once the battery is full, take it off charge.

You’d be surprised how much this helps.

What About the Pain?

We so often hear about the terrors of epilation pain, but the truth is it’s something our bodies can get used to surprisingly well. I won’t lie, the first time epilating isn’t a very fun experience but if you keep at it, it will definitely get much much better. Some of the lucky few hardly experience any pain at all.

Check out our article here to find out How to Reduce Epilation Pain. The Braun Silk Epil 7 has a couple of great features designed to reduce pain. The first is the high frequency massage system. The caps have massage rollers that are meant to smoothly massage your skin and hopefully prevent a bit of pain, though we felt like the reduction wasn’t very noticeable. Also included is a packet of Olay cooling wet wipes that will prepare your skin for epilation.

Most effective for pain reduction is the speed personalization feature. For first timers we would recommend using option 1. Option 1 is the extra gentle epilation setting that allows for slower and less painful pulling. If you prefer the fast and efficient path, then Option 2 is the one for you.


Of all of our epilator reviews, we have to say that the Braun Silk Epil 7 can’t come more highly recommended. It may be pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for and you will likely be using it for a long time. Whether a beginner or a pro, the amount of features this epilator has will make hair removal delightfully simple.

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