braun face 830 review

Braun Face 830 Review

There are now so many different answers to the question: “how to get rid of facial hair” it’s hard to decide which methods are worthwhile and which aren’t. There’s epilation, waxing, sugaring, tweezing, threading, shaving, bleaching, creams, lasers, IPL, electrolysis, make-up, and you get the point!

But there haven’t really been any epilators that are designed specifically for the face, and the face only. Of course there’s the trusty Emjoi Epi Slim, a great ‘sensitive-area’ epilator (face included), but some people might not be comfortable epilating both their face and …other areas with the same device.

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What makes the Braun Face special?

Not only does the Braun Face boast a designated facial epilator, it also has a facial cleansing brush. It combines epilation with deep-pore cleansing into one device.

Let’s have a look at the two main features:

the facial epilatorIn order to ensure you can epilate with extreme precision and to let you get to the smallest of areas, the facial epilator head is nice and slim. It has 10 micro-openings meaning it can pull hairs as small as 0.2mm wide and 0.5mm long. So unlike with waxing, you can grab the hairs as soon as you can see them and don’t have to wait until they grow back to a certain length.

With its small head size and “200 plucking movements per second”, it’s pretty unbeatable for female facial hair removal.

The Braun Face is great for:braun face

  • Chin hair
  • Upper lip
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • and even your neck!

It’s advertised as being able to leave you hair-free for up to 4 weeks. No matter how stubborn your hair is you should be getting at least 2 weeks of smoothness.

Tip: the longer you keep up an epilator routine, the weaker your hair becomes and it will grow back less frequently.
How to get the best results:

One thing we really enjoyed about this facial epilator was the size of the head and the fact that there’s a “bidirectional switch”. This means you can change the direction of the spinning head.

This is helpful for two reasons:

  • You can epilate from either side of your face.
  • You can make sure you’re going in the direction you need to.

For effective epilation, it’s important to be going against the direction of the growing hair. With this bidirectional feature, you can ensure you’re doing this at all times.

The head is small enough to fit perfectly between the eyebrows, and we would also recommend starting here to get used to the sensation. From here, move onto the upper lip and then to the jawline.

The deep cleansing facial brushNormally we wouldn’t recommend exfoliation so soon after or before epilation as the skin is usually too sensitive. But with this specially designed facial epilator, its completely fine and actually turns the Braun Face into a nice little routine piece. You can epilate and then use the facial brush (or vice versa) and it leaves your skin perfectly ready for a base of foundation, which applies much easier post-cleansing.

Why should I use the facial brush instead of what I normally do?

Firstly, the deep cleansing facial brush is said to cleanse pore-deep and removes make-up and impurities 6X better than manual cleansing. It loosens the make-up and oil on your skin and exfoliates your skin at the same time.

We found that it really works quite well, and any signs of blackheads were cleared away quite nicely. Try to focus more on the oilier parts of your face and you’ll see better results.

For sensitive skin:

Thankfully the Braun Face brush has been dermatologically tested and is very forgiving on sensitive skin of all types. It uses a gently oscillating brush, which is very important for both sensitive skin and skin affected by acne or other conditions.

We recommend trying the epilator on a small area before moving on to your whole face. With sensitive skin it is always best to make sure you won’t be irritating it.

Regardless, there will likely be a bit of redness after epilation. This is nothing to be worried about and is quite normal. Try epilating at night before bed to ensure redness has subsided by the time you wake up.

How do I use the brush?

facial brushThe facial brush is designed to remove make-up oils, pollutants and to exfoliate your skin with its 10,000 bristles.

The best way to use the facial cleanser is to wet the brush with some soap, face wash, or cleansing balm/oil and move it in circular motions across your skin. We recommend starting from the forehead, moving down to the nose and then out towards the cheeks on either side. Remember to spend more time on the oilier zones.

It works great to remove makeup. Rinse the brush maybe twice while going over your face and neck and then clean your face with a hand cloth. This should get rid of all the cleanser, make-up, impurities and pollutants.

Remove the bad to let in the good. Perfect preparation for your creams or lotions!

Tip: To maintain top performance and hygiene, replace the brush head every 3 months.

Can I use the Braun Face in the shower?

Absolutely. It is completely waterproof meaning you can both epilate and use the facial cleanser in the shower.

Personally, we preferred using it in front of the mirror to better see what we were doing but it’s nice to have the option.

How does the brush compare to other cleansers?

The Braun Face’s main competitor for its facial cleanser is the Clarisonic. If we have to be honest, the Clarisonic is superior when it comes to cleansing ability.

What it can’t beat the Braun Face on is price and features. It doesn’t have an epilator and it’s almost twice the price. Another option would be the Olay Pro-X Cleansing System, which is cheap and effective but doesn’t include hair removal.

Another reason to get the Braun Face over the Clarisonic is the fact that it’s much more suitable for sensitive skin. A lot of people feel the Clarisonic is too abrasive and can leave your skin irritated.


The Braun Face has become one of our go-to daily accessories. It’s wonderful for preparing your face for a base of make-up, cleaning off dead skin, and leaving your skin unbeatably soft. Ontop of this, the facial epilator is built for unwanted hairs on your face and is one of the best epilators we’ve tried at eliminating them.

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