Top 5 best epilators for thick hair

Thick hair can be a burden if its somewhere we don’t want it to be.

You may have heard of epilating, but…

Do epilators work on thick hair?

The answer is very well actually. If you’re using an epilator against thick hair, the tweezers are able to grasp the hairs more easily. Additionally, after a while of using the epilator the hairs that grow back will be thinner and weaker than before.

This means that the more you use the epilator, the thinner your hair will get and the less frequently it will grow back.

Some epilators will be better at dealing with these thick hairs than others. So we’ve put together…

The Top 5 Best Epilators For Thick Hair

Philips Satinelle

best epilator for thick hairEvery time we encounter this epilator we are reminded that its the best selling epilator on Amazon, and has been for a while now.

There is little bad you can say about this epilator and it just so happens to be pretty great for thicker hairs than most.

Although 21 tweezers isn’t many, the fact that you can use 2 speeds is a huge bonus for efficiency. Sometimes you may feel that the pain may be too much so you can use the lower speed setting to pluck hairs. If its not picking up those thicker hairs, move to the faster speed setting.

The Satinelle is designed to pick up tiny hairs, so I recommend you perhaps trim down to a shorter length before epilating. Even when the thicker hairs are shorter, the epilator should have no problems picking them up.

Braun Silk Epil 9

braun silk epil 9 reviewSometimes if you want to tackle thicker hair, you need a more powerful device. This is that.

The Silk Epil 9 has to be the most comprehensive epilator online. The base epilator is reliable, high quality, and efficient.

It is packed to the brim with features that lets you use it anywhere on your body, it has a pivoting head to allow for optimum epilation at all times and it also has the 2 speed setting if it gets too painful.

With 40 tweezers, the Silk Epil 9 is very efficient. The more tweezers often means there’s less of a chance you’ll have to go over an area more than once. This amount of tweezers + a pivoting head at full speed is going to make it hard for any thick hair to survive.

Panasonic ES-ED90

do epilators work on thick hairThe Panasonic is more or less on the same level of quality and power as the Silk Epil 7, and so is also a fantastic choice for the thicker haired of us.

In the tweezer compartment, the Panasonic actually has more than the Braun at 48 tweezers.

It is also built to last and is packed with possibly even more features than any other epilator.

If you were to decide between the two I couldn’t really push you either way, as they’re both equally effective at tackling thick hair. My advice would be to click the picture and check out user reviews on Amazon.

Braun Face 810

best epilator for thick hairWhen people ask me about thicker hairs, they’re often referring to hairs that have decided to grow on their face. It could be the case for a number of reasons but the goal is the same: they want to get rid of them.

I’ve added the Braun Face into the list due to the fact that if the problem is around the face, there is no better solution than this epilator. It is specifically designed to pull facial hairs, no matter their thickness.

I wouldn’t recommend using it anywhere else on your body but the small head size and low amount of tweezers allow unbeatable precision and the ability to firmly pull hairs with a low chance of hairs breaking off.

Emjoi Emagine

do epilators work on thick hairThe idea that more tweezers is more effective makes sense. It increases the chance that hairs will be grabbed and thus plucked from the root.

The Emjoi Emagine has more tweezers than any other epilator by far: 72.

I would recommend trying this one out if you have thick hair and a lot of it. I would also recommend it if you just had thick hair that you want to remove with one pass of the epilator. If there’s any epilator out there that is able to pick up all the hairs in one go, its this one.

As with the Braun and the Panasonic, the Emagine has a 2 speed setting for comfort of efficiency.

The brand isn’t as huge or renowned as the others but it has a wide product range and the reviews suggest that its a brand you can trust.

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