Best Epilator Brands

With the amount of products and the amount of brands to choose from these days, sometimes it can be hard to sift through them all to find the one you like best.

It might be the brand you’ve used for years or it might be something new that catches your attention.

Some brands are more reliable than others, more innovative, or put more emphasis on customer service.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 epilator brands and what makes them stand out. We’ll also take a look at their best selling products.

5 Best Epilator Brands of 2015


braun face 810Braun have been around for a long time and have cemented their place at the top of our list.

They have produced many generations of epilator both corded and cordless and have continued to innovate for years.

The Braun Silk Epil 3 is still a fantastic corded epilator, while the Silk Epil 5 and 7 are among our most highly recommended cordless epilators.

Their most recent product has become a regular routine piece for me. It is the Braun Face 810 and is the world’s first facial epilator/cleansing brush combination. A lot of women ask about whether they can use their epilators on their face and often the answer is yes. But there are downsides to doing so with normal sized epilators.

The Face 810 is designed specifically for the face and works wonders.


best epilator brandsAnother brand that has been around for a long time is Remington. In fact they made their first shaver in 1937!

While they haven’t released a new epilator for a while, their catalogue boasts some impressive devices.

For example, the Smooth and Silky EP6010 has been a customer favorite for years now. We even used the EP7030 in our recent post about the best epilator for a brazilian.

Remington are known for their high quality devices while not charging an outrageous amount for their products.


best epilator brandsEmjoi are a little newer on the scene but have created a series of pretty solid products.

Included are some really sturdy corded epilators, very reliable cordless ones and even a gold plated hypoallergenic epilator!

They currently have, what I consider to be the best travel epilator on the market: the Emjoi Epi Slim. I would also consider it the best battery powered epilator on the market.

Emjoi are tapping into a different market than the heavyweights like Braun, but they are doing it very well. If you want a high quality epilator, and want to choose from a variety of different colors then Emjoi might be the one for you.


best epilator brandsPhilips is a huge name in the electronics industry, and they’re huge for a reason.

In fact, a Philips epilator has consistently been the top selling epilator on Amazon for a long time now. That model is cheaper and smaller than most, but it does exactly what you need it to.

Philips’ product range with regards to epilators also includes more expensive and technology rich epilators that are also extremely popular on Amazon and elsewhere.

If you’re looking for one of the most trusted and known companies in the world, you should definitely check out Philips epilators.


best epilator brandsPanasonic only has a couple of epilators on the market. The reason for this lies in the quality of those epilators.

A lot of companies will boast a huge selection of features like lights, special massagers, cordless use etc. but a lot of them also spread those features out across different products.

Panasonic has an epilator, Panasonic ES-ED90, which packs all its features into one device. When you have a device that’s solidly built, is of great quality, and is packed full of features… well you get one of our favorite epilators around.

I’ve mentioned it many times but the ES-ED90 really is one of the best out there so we appreciate Panasonic’s ability to create such a good ‘all in one’ epilator.

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