What’s the best drugstore wax kit?

Waxing is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of unwanted hair. It works pretty much everywhere and it pulls hair straight from the root leaving you smooth and hairless.

The problem with waxing is that it can be expensive if you go to a salon. You’ll have to book an appointment and hand over a fair bit of cash, and you’ll only have to do exactly the same thing in a couple of weeks time.

These days at home waxing is surprisingly doable. There are some kits out there that can give you the salon-like results. We rounded up the best ones we could find and put them into a list for you:

The 5 Best Drugstore Wax Kits

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

best drugstore wax kitThis is the top seller on Amazon and holds a near perfect score.

I would consider it to be the best starter kit on the market and is actually great for more experienced waxers too.

Included in the kit is a wax warmer, some hard wax, 30 applicators (10 small, 10 large, 10 petite), some pre-epilation oil, some post wax cooling gel, and an instructional DVD.

It’s everything you need, and if you already know what you’re doing you won’t need the DVD 🙂

What’s funny about this kit is that some waxing salons use the exact same one! It’s as close to a professional job at home as you’re going to get.

Surgi-Wax Kit

best drugstore wax kitThe Surgi-Wax Kit is one of the more simple and convenient waxing kits around. You simply have to microwave the jar of wax following the instructions and you’re good to go!

I recommend you experiment a little with how hot you want the wax to be when applying it. It has to be thin enough that it reaches your skin (instead of just sitting on your hairs) but you don’t want to get burnt.

The product comes with a pre-epilation oil which I highly recommend you use. If you don’t then there’s more chance of the wax sticking to you, which is painful. Remember you can re-apply the oil if you have to go over a section again.

Again, compared to a professional wax this is far cheaper and the results will surprise you.

BodyHonee Professional Wax Kit

best drugstore wax kitThis kit boasts itself as the most natural wax you will find anywhere. It only has 3 ingredients: Salt, Sugar, and Lemon.

The wax is gentle enough for women and also strong enough for men.

I haven’t personally used this but it says because of how natural it is, there is minimal to no skin irritation. The reviews actually reflect this too. It’s gentle enough to significantly reduce irritation you may have felt with other waxes.

This waxing kit seems easy to use, is safe, and is extremely popular.

The only word of warning with this wax is that it only comes with 10 strips so you’ll have to buy some extras with it.

Clean & Easy Pot Wax Kit

best drugstore waxing kitAnother straightforward set with everything included that you could need.

In this set you get the wax warming pot, some wax, 20 muslin strips, and a pack of applicators.

The quality of this set is great, people claim to have had it for over 4 years and everything is still working perfectly. A lot of people also believe that this is easier to keep clean than the GiGi warmers.

This is a high quality waxing kit that will last you a long time and will save you so much money in the long run from salon jobs.

Satin Smooth Wax Kit

best drugstore wax kitFinally the Satin Smooth kit. This is currently over 50% off and has everything you could need in a waxing kit.

For both beginners or experts, the Satin Smooth kit comes with the warmer, honey wax with vitamin E, a 40 piece accessory kit and 4 before-and-after products to help your skin.

The wax is imported from Italy and is of the highest possible quality. This makes a big difference when it comes to skin irritation.

The pot is actually of a higher volume than the others so if you needed to be using a lot of wax this is very accommodating. I find that sometimes other pots are a little too small and I have to reheat over and over again.

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