What Is The Best Drugstore Shaving Cream For Women?

When you Google “whats the best shaving cream for women 2015?” you’ll find a number of articles about special tricks for shaving, essential grooming products or single Amazon products. It took a little digging for me to actually find a list of the best shaving cream women actually use and recommend. And I think this is super important because the quality of your shave depends pretty heavily on what kind of shaving cream you use, right?

So what I did was compile a list of my own.

It won’t be out of date, and it will hopefully be exactly what you were looking for.

You may have had a number of problems in the past with your shaving creams or gels, or maybe you’re just looking for an upgrade…

So without further ado here are my:

5 Best Drugstore Shaving Creams For Women

The Art of Shaving Cream

whats the best shaving cream for womenEven though the brand is mostly marketed to men, a lot of women use this cream for their shaving needs.


It’s formulated to smoothen and rejuvenate facial skin but works wonderfully on other areas of the body, its perfumeless, and alcohol free. This means it is far less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

It also comes in a very concentrated block, so I recommend using a bit of water to make it more easily applicable.

Unfortunately over time people have complained that it is getting slightly more watered down with each time they’re buying it. This isn’t the best news as I really enjoy how thick it is. Having said this, the difference is barely noticeable and its still better than a lot of shaving creams you can buy online, so I had to keep it on the list.

Lady Cremo Shave Cream

best shaving cream womenThe Lady Cremo Shave Cream is a constant favorite of mine, due to its subtle hints of coconut and beautiful texture.

The reviews on Amazon are all 5 stars, and I kind of have to agree with a lot of them. This stuff is really great.

This cream is long lasting and is not designed to foam up. This means you can use just a little bit and it will go a long way.

Due to this foamless consistency, the chances of getting cuts or razor burn are drastically reduced. Think about lubricating your skin with air (which is what a lot of foam is), you’re likely to get far more cuts than if you use a nice cream that coats your skin all over.

It’s a little more expensive than most but I think thats because of the coconut extract that they add in.

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

best drugstore shaving cream for womenThe Kiss My Face brand is pretty well know due to the fact that it creates high quality creams at pretty low prices.

This one is the pomegranite grapefruit scented one but you can also get scentless or a number of other flavors such as tea tree & bamboo.

All of these creams have aloe vera and soothing olive oil in them to make sure your skin is left super smooth after shaving.

I have only tried the pomegranite grapefruit version but all of the types on Amazon have upwards of 4 star ratings so they must be pretty decent as well.

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

best drugstore shaving cream for womenThis cream is a beast. It is seriously packed with nutrients and moisturizing ingredients like aloe, oats, shae butter etc. This means that its smooth enough to use wet or dry. I’d recommend doing it in the shower as that’s always left me the smoothest.

It also contains a bunch of antioxidants that are included to increase your skins radiance and shininess.

Reviews on Amazon are mostly great. Some people complain that the cream is too creamy! I feel like that problem can be easily solved by using less and adding a bit more water.

I’m pretty inclined to say that this is my favorite product of this list.

Skintimate Shaving Gelbest shaving cream women

This may just be the most well known of all the shaving creams for women.

They’ve packed this product full of ingredients to keep your skin moist, and to not irritate it. This means there are a lot of skin care benefits to using this cream.

As the reviews on Amazon suggest, this cream is “the best” and is probably why it has 4.7/5 stars.

I’m not sure if I would agree that it’s the best, but its certainly hard to beat. The price isn’t too high and what you’re getting in the bottle is of really high quality.

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