What’s the best drugstore hair removal cream?

Hair removal cream is a great alternative to epilating, shaving or waxing, especially if you are sensitive to pain. Many people find it far more convenient than other options, and in many ways it’s more effective.

The way this hair removal method works is by breaking down keratin bonds in the hair, essentially dissolving them. This means that you can simply rub away the hair after applying the cream rather than cutting it (like with shaving) or removing it from the root (like with epilating or waxing).

Another benefit of this method is that the pain is pretty much nonexistent. You may find that the cream irritates your skin a little or that it emits an odd smell, but apart from that its hard to match this level of effectiveness with such little pain.

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The Top 5 Best Drugstore Hair Removal Creams

veet hair removal

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream

After its release it quickly became one of the most popular products on the market, and with good reason. It is advertised to give results that last twice as long as shaving and it comfortably lives up to the expectation.

One of the best things about Veet Gel is that it also includes a hydrating agent and aloe vera that leaves your skin revitalized and nourished. This is helpful because hair removal creams can often irritate the skin and leave it a little sore.

The cream takes 5 minutes to work, after which it is easily washed off. Use the included spatula for smooth application.

Remember not to rub the cream in and be aware that there may be some irritation if the skin has been scratched or damaged in some way before application.

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover Kit

best drugstore hair removal creamThe Olay Smooth Finish Kit is designed to work best on facial hair of the upper lip and jaw line, with minimal irritation.

Olay have specially crafted a routine that leaves you smoother than most other hair removal creams can. Included is the skin guarding balm and the hair removal cream.

It involves a simple 2 step process of applying the skin guarding balm and then the remover cream and gives fantastic results in around 8 minutes.

The product is lighter and less irritating than most and can leave you hairless for up to 2 weeks.



The Bare Pair “Double Team” King Kombobarepair

As the Olay Smooth Finish cream above was for facial use, the Bare Pair King Kombo is for everywhere on your body.

As its name suggests, these creams are amazingly thorough and leave you extremely smooth!

It may seem like a bit of a manly product but this stuff works for both sexes and can be used anywhere.

Firstly you apply the bare balm to weaken the hairs and then the calm balm to sooth your skin and finish the job.

Included is an exfoliating glove which, as we talk about here, is very important for the best hair removal.

Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit

moomAs we’ve mentioned, hair removal cream can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin then this the drugstore hair removal cream to try. It’s 100% natural and organic, wax free, chemical free and resin free.

Moom hair removal cream can leave you hair free for up to 2 months and is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Despite having a cloth and an application stick, the cream is actually very simple to use.

What we love about this product is that its so gentle on your skin that you don’t really need to add any creams or lotions to your skin after!

Nad’s Natural Hair Remover Gel Kit


Another famously natural option is Nad’s. Created in 1992, the formula has stayed the same until this day. The gel melts to your natural body temperature and can be used anywhere on your body.

Some people swear by Nad’s, and some have problems with it. The majority of the feedback is positive though.

Most people say its best to heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to get it to a better consistency but some find it perfect out of the tub!

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