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Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Review

There are so many different ways to remove hair nowadays that it’s hard to keep track of which option does what.

More and more people would prefer trying something at-home than at a clinic for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, not every hair removal option works for everyone. But it does seem that people would rather spend a good chunk of money upfront to ensure that the hair doesn’t come back.

This is where laser, intense pulse light (IPL), and electrolysis come in. To know exactly the difference between each, check out our tips here: What’s the difference between laser, IPL, and electrolysis?

Intense pulse light works pretty much like it sounds. While laser removal is more direct, IPL uses quick pulses of light to prevent future hair growth. However, since lasers can be more exact when targeting the hair, it’s hard to find a salon technician that will agree to do IPL.

These days you don’t even have to find a salon to do IPL for you because you can do it on your own at home.

Philips listened to reviews of over two thousand women and worked with skin care experts for over ten years to create an innovative type of IPL. They took the same IPL they use in special salons by experts and adapted it so it could be safe for people to use at home.

The real question is if Philips Lumea Comfort IPL is right for you, and to figure that out we’re going to break it down for you.

Based on reviews by actual customers on Amazon and the Philips site, these are the most frequently discussed pros and cons.

The Good
+ Easy to use
+ Low pain levels
+ Protects the skin
+ Can be used anywhere on the body
The Bad
– Doesn’t work for every hair and skin type
– Time consuming
– Can be expensive initially
– Corded

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What’s in the box?


When you buy the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System you will receive:

  • Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System
  • 24V adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual

Unlike a lot of at-home hair removal systems, the IPL Hair Removal System is ready straight out of the box. You won’t find any replacement lamps or parts or attachments, so there are no extra things you’ll need to get later that will sneak up on you. Plus, it’s intended to treat your full body for at least 6 years.

Design & Features

It’s designed for easy and comfortable use. The Lumea Comfort IPL emits gentle pulses of light that produce heat to the hair follicles and send them into a resting phase. The hair will shed naturally and will keep skin smooth and hairless since regrowth is prevented.

The Philips Lumea Comfort offers five different light energy settings so you can figure out which one works best with your skin. For your safety, a built-in skin tone sensor detects your skin tone. If your skin is too dark, it will automatically stop pulsing. Plus, filters protect your skin from UV rays and safety systems prevent any unwanted flashes, since there are a limited number. Don’t worry though, Lumea Comfort IPL offers over 100,000 flashes of light so it’s intended to last, which helps since this treatment option requires some dedication.

This is probably one of the biggest issues people have with the Lumea Comfort IPL, and their frustration is understandable. But really, this is for their protection. If someone it’s not intended for uses it, it could cause burns or skin pigmentation. A lot of light treatments are the same in that it works best for naturally dark blonde, brown, and black hair. Those with red, light blonde, or white and grey hair should avoid this product. And it’s intended to work on light to medium skin tones.

It’s crucial to follow this chart for your safety. This chart is also available in the user manual.

skin color chart

Usage & Impressions

Does it hurt?

Honestly, it’s hard to find a single hair removal option that doesn’t hurt someone. The truth is, everyone is different. Everyone has different skin sensitivities and hair types and skin types. We’re not all the same, so why would we assume hair removal should all be the same?

But yes, some women have claimed that it hurts or burns, while others say the pain is barely noticeable compared to other hair removal treatments. Some women even mentioned a small tingling sensation. Mostly, the overall consensus is that it doesn’t hurt!

When do I use it?

First and foremost, you must follow directions. You absolutely must shave beforehand. A lot of women who mentioned experiencing pain admitted to not shaving or waxing before using it. You have to follow directions. It’s going to take time too. You probably won’t notice any huge changes immediately but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. After the first use, it’s already starting to prevent hair regrowth. The Lumea Comfort IPL is not as powerful as the laser machines they have in clinics (and if it was it wouldn’t be safe to use at home), so be prepared for to a long process. However, because it can be used at home, it’s a great alternative to actually going to laser clinics.

When used bi-weekly and correctly, it’ll keep your skin smooth. Although it takes awhile to notice, most women see significant reduction after just four bi-weekly treatments, or 3 months. It works all over: on legs, the belly, bikini area, underarms and armpit, even the face! As long as you follow directions, it can work anywhere, even the curvy areas. The time ranges from one to two minutes for areas such as the bikini or the armpits, but roughly eleven minutes for each lower leg. Although it may take a while, unlike some other at-home treatments, you won’t have to hold it in one place and press a button. It has a wonderful slide and flash function that allows you to have easy and continuous application.

Over time, hair will grow back slower and thinner. Philips claims the Lumea Comfort IPL will reduce up to 75% hair reproduction after only two months or four treatments. It’s a really great product if you’re looking for something that will work on the entire body.

It is corded so you’ll have use it somewhere close to a plug.

How expensive is it?

Of course, initially it can be expensive. But really, after you pay for the initial product, you’ll be saving money you would’ve spent at expensive clinics. You’ll still have to shave or wax, but that’s still cheaper than laser treatments. The price of the Lumea Comfort IPL is just a fraction of the cost of special treatments. And customers have noted that it gives very similar results compared to other treatments. So it’s really worth the price!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System is expensive up front and requires a lot of patience and dedication. But if you’re in it for the long haul and want to save money in the future, this product is great.

Make sure it works best with your skin tone and hair type, follow the instructions, and we think you’ll love it!

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