The Laser Razor – An Impressive Gamechanger or An Outstanding Flop?

The Kickstarter Project that has been getting some big attention

One cannot stress enough the importance of having hair (or not having it) on different parts of the body. The hair on top of your head has been given so much importance that it is ‘officially’ called your crowning glory. In great contrast to this, however, hair that is found on body parts that are not your head is not always so welcome. Aside from the lovely patch on top of your head, your perfectly arched eyebrows, and long eyelashes, there is currently virtually no other reason why hair should grow on any other parts of your body. While all this hullabaloo about hair can come across to some people as a little bit vain, very high maintenance, and downright impractical, let’s be honest – hair on inconvenient body parts can be quite uncomfortable. That is why people try their hardest to find something that will relieve them of the burden of living with unwanted body hair. Unfortunately, the choices that are available in the current market only offer a passing relief from hair growth. If they do give a more or less permanent solution to the hairy problems that we have, the prices are more often than not way beyond reason. You would think someone would have been able to come up with technology that would solve all our hair problems by now – and right now it does look like perhaps someone may finally have.

The Laser Razor

One of the most promising products that is now existing, though only in prototype form, is the Laser Razor. The Laser Razor, is a crowd funded (originally through Kickstarter) project by Skarp Technologies. The product was conceived on the 12th of October 2015. The company’s product idea is simple: make a simple, razor-like hair trimming device that utilizes the technology of lasers to ensure a shave that is very close to the skin. Here’s how they describe it: “The Skarp razor is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating or damaging the skin” – sounds promising!

Benefits of the Laser Razor

Of course one of the first things everyone would want to know about the Skarp razor is its benefits. How is it any different from any other razor? Skarp offers up many possible benefits you could reap from their product, many of them promising.

The company touts the following benefits:

  • no scratches
  • no razor burns
  • no infection
  • no itch
  • no accidental cutting
  • effortless shaving
  • incredibly close and smooth shave
  • no cartridge replacements (say goodbye to searching for them!)
  • little to no water usage (can you say environmentally friendly?)
  • no pain


This project is indeed a dream come true for all the people who want the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments in the comfort of their own homes, as well as the people waiting for a new approach in their shaving. With the steam and interest behind it, the project quickly ran past its goal of $160,000 and was able to raise an actual $4,000,000. You would think that with all the support, the company would breeze through the needed research and development and deliver whatever they promised when they promised. But did they?


As much as this project is a dream for many, it has been through a lot of controversy. First, the project’s KickStarter page has been rebuked because the team has not presented a working prototype for their product as one of the rewards for donating, something that is against the protocols of the site. They did, however, upload a video where they were doing a demo of how the Laser Razor would work – a video which yielded more concern than security. The video shows the device barely cutting off a few hairs on a man’s arm after several passes – something that is definitely not reassuring for their thousands of backers. They also have estimated an early 2016 release for all of the people who gave them funds. However, many moons have passed since their promised delivery of the said technology, and it still has not come. Many people are now thinking – has everything been a scam? An attempt to get money from the people? Their chief marketing officer and advisor says no. Will King, the founder of King of Shaves says that the project will likely be delayed until the end of the 2016 because of the acquisition of better materials for the project. They also would not be offering refunds as they are sure that they will be delivering the product for everyone. They have asked for the investors’ confidence and patience.


It’s too easy to tell whether the Laser Razor will be a gamechanger or a flop – it’s going to be a while longer before anyone can deliver the verdict. One thing’s for sure though: the many backers of the product are waiting with bated breath.

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