Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Not fond of dealing with small bumps from razor cuts?

Have terrible ingrown hair in unsightly places?

Good news!

There’s no absolute need for you to endure these harassments on a regular basis.

Modern society has thankfully given us the answer to all your woes in laser hair removal, which semi-permanently removes all unwanted hair from the targeted areas.

However, as with all things, going for a laser treatment does not come without its costs.

There are a whole host of considerations compared to more traditional hair removal methods like waxing or shaving.

is laser hair removal worth it?

What we mean by this is…

It may make sense for some people, but not for others.

The elephant in the room regarding going down the laser route is the cost of laser treatment. Going for a full spa session at a professional salon is not for those without a padded wallet.

Treatments can cost up to $500 per session, with 5 or 6 sessions required for a full body treatment. There’s also home-ready laser kits for those with the fortitude to do this on their own, but they still typically require a large upfront investment.

Waxing or shaving, on the other hand, are uber cheap and can be done without a second thought.

So is carefree body maintenance worth the fiscal cost?

One of the topmost complaints about regular body maintenance methods such as waxing or shaving is the pain factor.

Waxing does a great job of removing body hair from an entire section of the body, but the monthly routine conjures nightmares in the victim’s sleep.

There is probably nothing worse than the huffing and puffing right before the deed in anticipation of ripping out a thousand baby hairs from the warm embrace of their follicles.

So what can I do?

Laser treatment would mean that you will never have to think about such pain again. At least not until your next treatment, which can be spaced out to between two to three months. Alternatively, you could try a home IPL device if you want a cheaper but still effective option.

Is it for everyone?

Another thing to consider is the suitability of laser treatment. Since laser treatment relies on dark pigmentation to absorb the destructive energy, the ideal candidate would have fair skin and dark hair.

If your skin tone is dark, the laser will be absorbed by your skin moreso than your hair, and you might end up scarring yourself. On top of that, the hair won’t capture as much of the energy, so you may end up requiring more visits. Read our full in depth guide to laser hair removal for dark skin to learn more.

For the same reason, white or grey hair doesn’t absorb as much energy and are quite resilient against laser treatment.

If your skin tone or hair color falls under one of these categories, you might not find laser treatment to be worth your time, energy or money.

is laser hair removal worth it

Having said that, there’s a lot to be said for the convenience afforded by zapping off all your hair.

While laser hair removal is by no means a permanent solution, you’ll only have to deal with the hassle perhaps once every 3 months.

This is in contrast to the weekly or fortnightly ritual that we urbanites have been condemned to by waxing or shaving. Spending 15 extra minutes in the shower may not sound like much, but the mental tax is qualitatively costly.

Imagine not having to think about touching your armpits with a shaver again. Pure bliss!

So is laser hair removal worth it?

At the end of the day, it comes down to the preferences of the individual woman. Laser hair removal treatment may or may not work out for you – it’s not set in stone. Work out the pros and cons, and see whether the benefits outweigh the costs for you.

But if you do opt for the laser treatment route, you’ll forever miss the feeling of newly shaven skin against smooth bedsheets. That’s happiness that even money can’t buy.

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