How to choose a derma roller

Derma rollers can do wonders for damaged skin. What they are supposed to do is pierce the skin with a number of needles to allow for easier absorption of ingredients and to stimulate healing.

They were initially only sold to licensed practitioners, and only in the highest of quality. Over time they started being manufactured and sold to the general public, both at cheaper prices and lesser quality.

Quality of a product like this is vital if you want to see results and stay safe. Some people have reported needles falling out and rust forming after minimal use. For this reason it’s important to think about a number of aspects when looking to buy a derma roller:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • vitamin c serum derma rollerReviews

These are the 3 main points we will be taking into consideration when recommending the best derma rollers to ensure the best balance between safety and a good deal.

IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to try some Vitamin C Serum with your derma roller as this will nourish your skin and provide it with everything it needs to replenish and rebuild the damaged skin. We recommend Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum.

Angel Kiss Stainless Steel Derma Roller

how to choose a derma rollerNote that the Angel Kiss Derma Roller was recently, discontinued. We recommend the Diougens Lee, described below.

Now the reason I have this as number 1 is because it is certified stainless steel. Why is stainless steel the way to go with derma rollers? Read this first.

Apart from that, this is just a great little product. It won’t break the bank at under $20 and even comes with a collection of 3 different roller sizes so that you can use it on different parts of your body safely.

Now the brand is pretty unknown and to be honest it seems like someone has just sourced these products from China and stuck their own label on, but that doesn’t matter here. As long as the roller rolls and the needles are both sharp and stainless steel, we’re fine.

If you’re new to derma rolling I suggest you give this one a try. The different heads make it easy to try out what works for you and where.

Diougens Lee Titanium Derma Roller

titanium vs steel derma rollerAs I mentioned above, stainless steel is really the way to go. BUT this is much cheaper if you’re wanting to really pinch pennies for your first derma rolling experience, and they even have a separate product that is heavily discounted for Black Friday here.

The brand is still unknown (as it seems most derma rolling brands are on Amazon), but the reviews are solid and there are many satisfied customers.

These are the 2 derma rollers that I can genuinely recommend as the reviews are sparse, but please have a look here at the other derma rolling options available.

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