Is do it yourself electrolysis worth it?

Electrolysis can get costly when you are using a professional’s services. Though it must be said that the results are very often exactly what you wanted.

Do it yourself electrolysis, however, is also very doable and it will end up saving you a lot in the long run.

Let’s consider our options.

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What is do it yourself electrolysis?

The basis of electrolysis is that it destroys the growth center of the hair with heat, and then the hair is removed with tweezers.

It can be done anywhere on the body (though we don’t advise DIY facial hair electrolysis) and is widely considered to be the best hair removal method around. There are no permanent side effects to electrolysis except some redness, which you’ll get with all hair removal methods.

Treatment at a salon can last as many as 10 sessions, depending on how thick your hair is. Most electrologists charge between $45 and $100 for the hour and depending on what you want removed, which is where things start to get costly.

Which is why more and more people are opting for do it yourself electrolysis.

What do we need for do it yourself electrolysis?

The right tools are especially important here. At home electrolysis can be difficult to master so please make sure you’ve read enough about your device and be careful.

41Li9XczjRL61xSS3UDRaL._SL1001_41fzKIc1AEL Clean & Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis                     LED Home Electrolysis Kit                       Depitime Hair Remover

The only hair removal method that has been classified as permanent by the FDA is electrolysis. For this reason we ask that you learn about how to use your device properly.

The device uses a tiny needle that goes through the skin to the hair follicle and shoots a small electric jolt at the base of the hair. Each hair follicle takes up to 20 seconds to kill, so you may find the process a little tedious.

Clean & Easy Home Electrolysis Kit41Li9XczjRL

This is the most popular do it yourself electrolysis device on Amazon.

Despite the time it takes to learn how to do this properly, many have gotten really great results with this.

It has a comfort control dial so you can tone it down if you think its hurting too much, and is useable anywhere on the body.

LED Home Electrolysis Kit


This option is a more professional and technical one, but gives impressive results.

It is built to mainly work on your face, eyebrows, upper lip, chin and other sensitive areas.

What’s interesting about this device is that it has a rollerball type tip that you place near your  unwanted hairs, and it will kill them at the root.

It also includes some pads you can stick to your skin for “hands free” electrolysis.

We recommend you use this only for small areas in order to get the best results.

Depitime Hair Removal


This one is made by a Japanese company and uses a heated line to carbonize your hair follicles. As terrifying as that may sound, it results in first thinner hairs, and then the permanent stopping of the hairs growth.

It works on all skin colors and hair types and can be used anywhere on the body except for the genitals and around the nipples. Also try to steer clear from getting too close to your eyes.

Feedback from owners of this device have been very positive and it comes in 3 different colors.


As a parting word we’d like to say that it is of the utmost importance you learn how to use these devices properly a they are designed to stop the growth of hair permanently.

But if you can master the technique and use it safely, then you’ll most certainly be enjoying smooth, hairless skin 🙂

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