What is the best home ipl hair removal system?

Getting laser treatment can be a costly endeavour, but the results are effective, quick and long lasting. Luckily technology is getting more and more affordable, to the point where we can get similar results at home without spending a fortune.

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IPL stands for intense pulsed light. The technology works by flashing multiple wavelengths into your skin targeting certain pigments. The pigment in your hair absorbs this light just like black clothing absorbs sunlight and white clothing reflects it.

Once light has been absorbed, it turns into heat which kills the hair.

There are 2 factors you have to take into consideration before thinking about a home IPL hair removal system:

The color of your skin. 

As we mentioned above, the light targets certain pigments in your skin and hair called melanin.

This means that only people with lighter skin colors will find IPL effective. If someone with a darker skin tone uses this technology it will not only kill their hair, but will also damage their skin. This is because of the melanin present in darker skin tones that is not present in lighter skin.

Luckily there are many other fantastic hair removal methods out there that don’t rely on this technology.

The color of your hair.

We now know that IPL targets melanin.

The darker your hair, the more melanin it contains. So the darker you hair, the more effective IPL will be for you.

Now that we know all this, lets look at…

The 5 Best Home IPL Hair Removal Systems:

The Tria Laser 4x


The Tria is a hard contender to beat. Extremely popular with buyers and the cutting edge of IPL technology.

This is the newer version, which boasts better results in half the time. In a study of 80 patients, 70% of their average hair count was decreased by the 2nd treatment and it only took 3 treatments to see a constant hair count decrease.

Its an extremely reliable device that’s designed to give a completely professional treatment at a fraction of the professional cost. A huge cost saving benefit is that you don’t have to buy replacement bulbs, as you do with other devices. (The Tria comes with 90,000 flashes!)

The Tria has a small head making it perfect for smaller, more sensitive areas but not very suited to areas like your legs.

Remington IPL6000


When investing in a device such as a home IPL hair removal system, you might sometimes prefer to go with the most trusted brand’s product.

Remington has been around for a long time, with its first haircare product coming out in 1927!

With this kind of history, Remington can step forward with a superb device.

The technology in the IPL6000 is the same that’s used by professionals and the device is completely FDA approved for home use. It has a larger head than the Tria and so can be easily used on arms, legs, and other larger areas.

Normal IPL cartridges last about 1500 flashes, but the Remington uses bulbs that can last 30,000 flashes before needing to be replaced.

This saves you time and money in the long run. It will require replacement cartridges, but with the Tria once your 90,000 have run out you will in effect have to buy a new device.

Silk’N Flash & Go


Everyone is affected by IPL a little differently, but again this device has an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

The Flash & Go can be used anywhere on the body including your face and bikini line.

It is significantly cheaper than the Tria and the Remington, but with a higher price comes higher quality.

If it’s an affordable device you’re looking for then this may be for you.

Some people recommend getting protective goggles to use this device as the flash is quite strong. They can be found here.

BellaLite By Silk’N


A little cheaper than the Flash & Go, the BellaLite is targeted at both men and women.

One of the main differences between this and the Flash & Go is that it is designed to cover a much larger surface area. This means it is ideal for male chest hair, back hair or legs.

It has solid reviews by a large number of users and is actually praised by a large variety of people, showing that it can be effective on a wide range of ethnicities.

The BellaLite package includes 3 replacement bulbs, each containing 750 pulses.

Veet Infini Silk Pro


Another well trusted brand, Veet’s Infini Silk Pro is a nice mid-range home IPL hair removal system.

This device is much like the BellaLite in that is has a large surface area and can be used anywhere.

It works on replaceable cartridges and is easy to use. Veet stresses that you do read the instructions before use though.

The pain from this device is minimal if non-existent. One thing to consider is buying protective goggles as even when the gun is pressed to your skin there is a large flash.

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